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re: TSA bad Karma

Jun 17, 1996 02:50 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>hi -
>I have a question:
>what should TSA or Adyar do to relieve/remove their karmic
>bounds and past problems?  seriously,  can they?  if not,  then
>what is their future?
>karmic problems include:
>AB and CWL
>TSA/Adyar secrecy/conspiracy
>my question is trying to address what it really takes (i.e.
>actions in the physical plane) to put things straight for the
>peace -
>john e. mead

John, I think the TS can relieve its karmic bonds and once again
become an important and dynamic organization for the world.  But
over the past thirty plus years I've seen nary a sign that the
leadership is willing to even consider making the needed changes.
In the past, I have posted many pages of historical material
discussing where I believe the TS went wrong.  Since most of the
theos-l membership probably never bothered nor cared to read
these postings in the first place, I will just make a simple list
the changes that need to be made and skip the historical issues
and reasons behind them.  Genuine reformation of the TS would
have to begin with the following steps:

1. The irrevocable and permanent closure of the E.S. and the E.R.

2. The complete dissociation of the TS from the Liberal Catholic
Church and Co-Masonry.  The relationship of the TS to these
organizations should be put on the same bases that we have with
any other religion or fraternal organization.

3. Go back to the publishing policies originally established by
Blavatsky, so that books are published in the form that the
authors had intended them.  If a book is abridged, it should be
clearly marked as such.  Further, an abridgement should really be
such--not a revision or a reorganization of the book for the
purpose of obscuring the author's opinions or to rewrite history.

4. The Lodges must be allowed to study and do whatever they want,
as long as those studies and activities serve to promote the
three objects of the TS.

5. Adyar must give autonomy to the sections.  The sections must
give autonomy to the lodges.

6. TSA Bylaws concerning the election of officers must be revised
back to what they were in 1980.

7. Adyar must get out of its time warp and start thinking about
what is relevant to the three objects in today's world.

      If the TS were to take the above actions, it would be well
on its way to leaving behind its past karma.  Issues concerning
"CWL, AB, conspiracy and secrecy" would finally and truly be in
the past.  I have specific ideas about what could be done in item
7, but it would be a waste of time to consider them before the
other changes were made.  I don't expect to live to see those
changes anyway, so it doesn't matter.  The failure of TSA's
efforts to become relevant to today's world is because they keep
playing with item seven and overlooking the problems caused by
the other six.  They haven't figured out that it doesn't work
that way.  Corpses don't go away by ignoring them.

You ask what is the future of the TS if these reforms are *not*
made?  I would answer that it will keep on going like it is
indefinitely.  Even if the membership dropped from 4,000 to 400,
or if all of lodges went bust, or if the membership shifted to
100% unattached, or if most of the sections were eventually
expelled, it wouldn't matter.


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