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Re: To Donna, Re: Chuck & Alexis

Jun 06, 1996 07:07 AM
by Martin_Euser

Alexis> Thank you for your many kindnesses to me in this posting. I
appreciate it more than you can know.

Martin> You're quite welcome and you needed it.

>>>>>>>>> cut <<<<<<<<<<

Both the Bishop and Annie Besant are long passed away, but their influence
on the society, which I view as pernicious, has not. I cannot  explain why I
consider that influence to be pernicious if I cannot discuss the source of
the influences. Is that not so?

It is also, I think, impossible to have any kind of rational discussion when
one party is basing their discussion of history and the public record and
the other party is basing the discussion on the Akashic Records as "read" by
a friend. Is this not so?

Martin> Yes and Yes.

Alexis>Now I hope this gives you a better idea where I am coming from.

Martin> Sure.

To Alan: you wrote effectively the same as Alexis and I agree with your
         message. I'm wondering, though, very much, if any of your attemps
         to get across to the TSA members will succeed. How many are
         subscribed to this list? And how many will subscribe to alt.theosophy?

         Seems that TI has a lot of work to do ..


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