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TI has a lot to do?

Jun 06, 1996 05:45 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Martin_Euser
<> writes
>To Alan: you wrote effectively the same as Alexis and I agree with your
>         message. I'm wondering, though, very much, if any of your attemps
>         to get across to the TSA members will succeed. How many are
>         subscribed to this list? And how many will subscribe to alt.theosophy?
>         Seems that TI has a lot of work to do ..
Major questions!  I subscribed to alt-theosophy, but traffic so far is

I agree that TI has a lot of work to do, but will the members get
together and do it?  Ideally TI needs its own Web page with its own
links and its own Web identity - like "" or "".  I asked
Rudy to put some other links on the present page, but it is on his own
Net provider, and so Rudy has control of it, and did not respond.

For TI to really make an impact needs work done by its members, and some
sort of income or sponsorship.  Sponsorship would be best in some ways,
so long as the sponsor(s) did not want to control what was put out.

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