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Re: Two general questions

Jun 06, 1996 07:07 AM
by Martin_Euser

In message <>,
>Dear friends in Theosophy,
>When you reveal to others that you have chosen the path of Theosophy, what
>do you find to be the general (if there is one in your case) reaction to be?

Some do know a little about it but usually in connection with Krishnamurti.
Generally, people think it's some kind of sect or so or anyway a very difficult
(obtruse) philosophy

>Also, how would you, when asked to define it, explain it in an 'compact,
>cocktail-party' kind of way?  Is it even possible to do so?

Well, sometimes I give a little bit of information, bit by bit and not
too technically. The Spiritual is something that many people still can
relate too (I mean when talking on such topics). Also I refer them to
introductory books. I don't try to 'convert' anybody of course.
That would be a horrible idea..


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