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Two general questions

Jun 05, 1996 12:28 PM
by kymsmith

Dear friends in Theosophy,

When you reveal to others that you have chosen the path of Theosophy, what
do you find to be the general (if there is one in your case) reaction to be?

Also, how would you, when asked to define it, explain it in an 'compact,
cocktail-party' kind of way?  Is it even possible to do so?  (I tried
quoting the Three Declared Objects and the Theosopical World View - they
tend, for me, to bring blank looks upon the listeners - perhaps too wordy
for the situation)

Note:  One individual who discovered I followed Theosophy has made it a
mission to rescue me from this "demon-worshipping cult."  Seems Theosophy is
not appreciated in some very recent Christian literature.  I was surprised
about the number of books (given to me by this individual) addressing
Theosophy with loathing.



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