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Core Teachings

Jun 05, 1996 11:23 AM
by Jerry Schueler

There has been a lot of discussion on theos-l about Theosophical
core teachings, if such exist, and if so, of what are they comprised.
It could be that this work has already been done for us.  The Feb/Mar
96 Sunrise contains an article by Eloise Hart in which she lists G de
Purucker's 7 core teachings or "seven general categories" or
"seven luminous jewels or paths or keys to the temple of truth."
These are:
1.  Reinbodiment
2.  Karma
3.  Hierarchies
4.  Swabhava (self-becoming)
5.  Evolution
6.  Two Paths  (amrita-yana, the Path of Bliss, and
	         pratyeka-yana, the Path for Oneself)
7.  Atma-Vidya (knowledge of self)

	Now, I know that we will not get a consensus
agreement of these Core Teachings here on Theos-l,
but this does seem like a good place to start.  Now, first
of all, I want to assure everyone that we are talking about
Theosophy (cap T) here.  As much as some of us are
opposed to any core teachings at all, it is essential to
define "Theosophy" for newbies, advertising, and so on.
Because after we respond with the three Objectives and
the requirement for universal brotherhood, the question
always surfaces about "Yes, but what do theosophsts
believe in?  What is your doctrine? "
	The only one of G de P's 7 categories that I
would oppose is swabhava, which is one of my main
objections to G de P's writings.  He extolls the virtues
of swabhava, and considers it a wonderful thing, because
it leads to individualization.  Buddhism, both Mahayana
and Theravada oppose swabhava, and consider it the
chief cause of our mayavic world--the great Heresy of
Separateness.  Swabhava is a four-letter word in
Buddhism.  Of course, Theosophy is not Buddhism,
and if everyone agrees with swabhava, I would agree
to leave it in.  But otherwise I don't care for it as a
theosophical core teachings at all (we should, instead,
be teaching against it, and providing ways to counteract
	Any comments?

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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