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Re: Quest (to Doss)

Jun 05, 1996 11:25 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 07:15 AM 6/5/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Alexis: Thanks for your message. One way to shut up anyone is to appoint
>that person or elect that person to an office. I am quite content being
>just an ordinary member.
>	...Ramadoss

You know, the American side of my family has been heavily engaged in the
electoral process since the beginning of the American adventure (even as far
as the Presidency) and, as a result, I hadn't even given one single thought
to that aspect of elective office. But somehow, Doss, I can't seeing you
being "shut up" by any kind of "power group" pressures. You are a most
determined and outspoken man. You are also a painfully honest and
compassionate man. The problem, as I see it, is exactly the same problem
we're experiencing here in the USA, if decent people refuse to run for
office, who's left? The TSA has for too long been monopolized by a small and
exclusive "power group". Many of us (you and Sy Ginsberg for example) are
protesting this fact. Now if people like you, or Sy, who would be an equally
great choice for president won't run for not only the Presidency but to
replace all National Officers with independent people, and the Board as
well, then the TSA will not last very much longer. In fact, if American
Democracy were working as originally planned, office holders, would be just
ordinary citizens representing their fellow. The exact same thing is true
about the TSA and it's office holders. In a Democracy office holders are not
chosen to BE a power, but to exercise that prerogative on behalf of the

alexis dolgorukii

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