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Re: Bleat and Howl

Jun 05, 1996 11:52 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>One might be wise, however, not to overlook the possibility that there may be
>very few, if any, common sheep on this list if one thinks of them in your
>latter way.

>Think you, Jerry, that your hard-acquired modicum
>of personal theosophical knowledge makes you any sort of worthy in their
	I hope not.

> All the literature-muncher has to do to pass you up is to take
>the "faith-leap" that his or her knowledge comes by means of a holy line of
>Preternatural Dispensation, and you are defaulted below him or her with no
>further ado whatever.
	This is exactly what has happened.  But time is on my side.

> This is why there is such a big commotion every time
>the "Masters" issue is brought up...
	And also explains the attacks on Paul Johnson.

>Similarly, without the capital ~M~ on ~Master~ or the ~T~ on ~Theosophical
>doctrine~, a certain type of person apparently has hard time thinking that he
>or she is better than the next guy. . . .
	And this is the chief danger of studying such things as hierarchies.
It also explains the reluctance to see evolution/involution as a giant circle
(which is exactly the Teaching)--the need for a spiral of "progress" is just
too demanding and the lure of "growth" too enticing.

>No, I am unaware of any common sheep on this list.  Here, we have BIG,
>egoically purposeful sheep whose merest turds are like mountains coming down
>to scatter a few tiny wolves. . . .
	Right.  These are mountain sheep, not sacrifical lambs.  They
view us wolves as an annoyance because we paint pictures that
their worldviews cannot assimilate.  But again, time is on the side of the
wolf.  I know.  I was a Christian Science Sheep for several of my formative
years, so I think I know what their problem is.  Someday, the Chaos
Factor will pull their safety net right out from under them, and they will
then be ready to leave the pasture, or at least admit that it does have
thorns.  Happened to me, and I don't think I am all that unusual.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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