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Re: To Donna, Re: Chuck & Alexis

Jun 05, 1996 07:19 AM
by Bjorn Roxendal

At 01:27 AM 6/5/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I base my opinions on facts,
>and only upon facts.

Alexis, I hope you don't mean this. You would be the first human being to do
so. I don't think a human CAN base his opinion only on facts. And then, even
if that were possible, you have to chose WHAT facts to base your opinions
on. Depending on which facts you focus on, your opinions can vary from one
extreme to another.  If you think, Alexis, that you base your opinions only
on fact I have to feel pity for you, too. And, isn't that nice, we can then
continue our relationship based on mutual pity! Perhaps we will get real
good friends.

>I am not entirely sure what
>you base your opinions on but it would seem, at this juncture, to be
>emotions and perhaps wishful thinking.

I like facts. I always want facts about things. When I have a lot of facts I
go within and listen. I read the vibrations, energies. Yes, I register the
feeling content, to, and take that into account. Truth, Aexis, is within.
Truth, is not an opinion based on this or that fact. Truth is a vibration.
Sometimes the truth is actually very contrarian to superficial evidence. You
have to listen to the voice of truth within. By the spirit, only, can we
KNOW truth.

>As an intellectual, I find many of
>your positions somewhat eccentric.

I know, I know. I use my intellect but I DO NOT trust it to tell me what the
TRUTH is. Although, its input is important. Don't take me wrong, I am not an

 I have to tell you that I was entirely
>astonished that you could not see anything pernicious about an association
>with fascism.

Yes, we are very different, you and I. I don't believe in fascism, and it
could well be that AB was having an improper association with this or that
fascist. Does that make her a fascist? Certainly not. A lot of good people
had friends that were both fascists and nazis, you know. I have read a lot
about AB. I know her character and personality quite well. I don't have a
need to defend her. I know that she made mistakes, sometimes serious
mistakes of judgment. Even CWL pointed this out, regarding some of the
people she choose to have close to her. But her life was totally dedicated
to serve the masters to the best of her ability. She inspired thousands, she
was a loyal friend and courageous fighter for truth. Would you or I have
done a better job? Being in the veil of maya, working out your karma, being
under attack from hateful ones both near and far, it is not an easy
situation. We can condemn AB for not being perfect, but then, do we not
condemn ourselves?

I will return your honest comment, and tell you that I find some (not all)
of your opinions quite superficial and VERY emotional. Such is life, we see
world through different glasses...


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