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Re: Discussions

Jun 02, 1996 03:08 AM
by Richtay

Dear Bjorn,

I am one of those who have permanently signed off from Theos-L, among quite a
few others I know.  After over a year on it and quite a few fruitful
discussions.  I signed off a few weeks ago, after wanting to for a long time,
when Eldon was brutally attacked in another pointless round of posts where
the SUBSTANCE of what he said was rarely addressed, rather it was his
CHARACTER and MOTIVE which was attacked.  And it was **nasty**.  No apologies
were offered either.  I had it.

It is sad that after 10 years in the Theosophical movement, working hard,
putting out a Theosophical newsmagazine, working in a local lodge, connecting
with Theosophists all over the world, I didn't feel welcome on the very list
where we should have all been able to come together, lovingly, and support
each other in our work for the Movement.  No luck.

You should be informed, however, that a new list has been formed for the
express purpose of discussing THEOSOPHY, its principles, and its practice,
with NO PERSONAL ATTACKS allowed or the list owners WILL boot people off the
list.  The name of the list is THEOSOPHY WORLD and you can subscribe to

Spread this info to whomever you think might be interested.

I would be interested in getting to know you and your work in the movement,
what books you read, what projects you're involved in, etc.  Best wishes.

Your brother,
Rich Taylor

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