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Re: Discussions

Jun 02, 1996 00:41 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 08:30 PM 6/1/96 -0400, you wrote:

>You must be kidding. I am sure that the victims that have been torn apart by
>their fangs and claws would not agree. I see that there are many considerate
>and loving people on this list, of course, and I think their right to
>freedom of expression is violently being encroached upon by the not so kind
>"wolves", who even seem to be PROUD of their ability to hurt others.

No, he's not kidding he's just been on the list a lot longer than you. As to
your remarks above, they are far more arrogantly intemperate than any I
could be accused of. Why don't you think about that? People who cast stones
at others, and that seems your specialty, had better be very careful to be
entirely without sin. And your comments about wolves are utter hyperbole, I
sleep with one of them lying across the end of my bed every night. I think
Bjorn that Denali (my wolf) is a far kinder and more gentle person than you.


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