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Re: Discussions

Jun 02, 1996 03:39 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996 wrote:
 > Dear Bjorn,
> I am one of those who have permanently signed off from Theos-L, among quite a
> few others I know.  After over a year on it and quite a few fruitful
> discussions.  I signed off a few weeks ago, after wanting to for a long time,
> when Eldon was brutally attacked in another pointless round of posts where
> the SUBSTANCE of what he said was rarely addressed, rather it was his
> CHARACTER and MOTIVE which was attacked.  And it was **nasty**.  No apologies
> were offered either.  I had it.
> It is sad that after 10 years in the Theosophical movement, working hard,
> putting out a Theosophical newsmagazine, working in a local lodge, connecting
> with Theosophists all over the world, I didn't feel welcome on the very list
> where we should have all been able to come together, lovingly, and support
> each other in our work for the Movement.  No luck.

	Rich: You should know that many on this list, including me,
enjoyed your posts as many were also very educative. So please feel free
to post whenever you feel like.


> You should be informed, however, that a new list has been formed for the
> express purpose of discussing THEOSOPHY, its principles, and its practice,
> with NO PERSONAL ATTACKS allowed or the list owners WILL boot people off the
> list.  The name of the list is THEOSOPHY WORLD and you can subscribe to
> Spread this info to whomever you think might be interested.
> I would be interested in getting to know you and your work in the movement,
> what books you read, what projects you're involved in, etc.  Best wishes.
> Your brother,
> Rich Taylor

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