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Re: Freedom!!!!!

Jun 02, 1996 01:35 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 01:45 AM 6/2/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Seeing that you and Alexis don't know me much, at least not yet, I don't
>find whatever you have to say about me very interesting at all. I do see,
>however, that you don't mind judging somebody you know very little about.

Alexis comments: One needs to know very little at all about a person who
publically claims to be "A Chela of the Masters",  and who publically claims
to have been "In contact with the Masters for 20 years". Sorry but this is
one of the few times I agree wholeheartedly with the conservative occult
approach. "Anyone who makes  public claims is making false claims". I also
freely admit that based upon both study and experience I have absolutely no
respect for the intelligence of anyone who takes either Mr. Ballard's "I am
Movement" or Elisabeth Clair Prophet's "Church Universal and Triumphant"
seriously. Ballard was a fraud who went to jail for swindling little old
ladies out of their pensions, and Elisabeth Clair Prophet hasn't gone to
jail yet! Bjorn, you clearly have delusions of grandeur. It only takes a few
moments experience of you to realize that!

>I'll give you a tip: If you want to hurt me, first get to know me and find
>some of my weak spots and attack there. Then, MAYBE I'll get angry. Which,
>if I understand the "game" you are playing correctly, would please you?
>Well, I will tell you what I see in you at this point, since you have very
>generously been showing off some aspects of your personality :
>A good heart with a lot of positive feelings for other people.
>Immaturity and the selflimiting identification with the ideas of being an
>obnoxious troublemaker. The worst problem seems to be that you actually
>think you are HELPING people with this childish silliness.

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