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Jun 01, 1996 09:00 PM
by Drpsionic

I find it fascinating the argument used by petty tyrants who think that they
can control what we say and think.  They love to draw the imaginary
distinction between freedom and license, license being saying things they
don't want to hear, like people who think they are chelas are deluded idiots.
Then there are those who long for the return of the fascist movements of the
1930's and fear that if people express themselves too openly it will be
destructive of "community."
So let me make this clear.  There is only one person who can decide if this
list is to be moderated and that is John Mead and I cannot imagine why he
would want the administrative nightmare of doing so, particularly in light of
the offense such an action would give to the Americans on this list, who are
the overwhelming majority and frankly don't give a damn what other countries
And it is really no mystery why Americans feel this way.  It's part of our
history and our folklore.  ANY attempt to control speech is absolutely and
unqualifiably anathema to us.  It is a subject that is not open to discussion
and any politician who thinks it can be done has best kiss his office goodbye
because even if he survives the first election, he won't last through another
one, not after the press has had its way with him and his family.
So please stop wasting bandwidth with this nonsense.  It is not going to
happen and even if by some bizarre lunacy it should, there is a newsgroup now
which I can guarantee will never be moderated for any reason.  And I can
guarantee it because a dear friend of mine put it together for us.
The net stays free and if you don't like it, LEAVE!

Chuck the Obnoxious, MTI, FTSA
Friend of Alex

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