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Re: Hynpotism

Dec 31, 1995 11:47 PM
by liesel

>> There should be some way to protect yourself from your mother or anybody
>>else who can sap your energy. I recall that an individual can build a shell
>>which protects in such cases. Such draw of energy is one kind of vampirism.
>Vampirism is exactly what one psychic called it. I'd like to hear more from
>anyone about building a shell. I sure could use one considering that I'm so
>sensitive to energies.
>Ann E. Bermingham


I'm trying to think of something but the only thing I can think of is to
try to be loving or compassionate and fearless towards her. That's
difficult it being your mother. I've done it in absentia but that's easier
than when you're facing her.
I used to have a young neighbor who worked in a hopspital in the most
dangerous part of the ghetto. He walked the streets feeling loving &
fearless & nothing ever happened to him. Come to think of it Serge King too
told us a story of a good looking young woman who walked around the ghetto
with the same attitude. Some of her friends warned her to be careful but
she said she was fine. So they followed her one day & sure enough the most
raggedy ruffian smiled at her & said "hello".
Another tactic that might be helpful is if in your thoughts you put your
foot down & say in your thoughts "Now mother that's enough. You stop
that right now."
Maybe that'll stop her for a while & if she does it again "mother I told
you to stop that." Be very firm.
Maybe one of those will help.


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