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Re: Hynpotism

Jan 01, 1996 02:04 AM
by MK Ramadoss

At 125100 PM 1/1/96 -0500 Liesel wrote:
>>> There should be some way to protect yourself from your mother or anybody
>>>else who can sap your energy. I recall that an individual can build a shell
>>>which protects in such cases. Such draw of energy is one kind of vampirism.
>>Vampirism is exactly what one psychic called it. I'd like to hear more from
>>anyone about building a shell. I sure could use one considering that I'm so
>>sensitive to energies.
>>Ann E. Bermingham
>I'm trying to think of something but the only thing I can think of is to
>try to be loving or compassionate and fearless towards her. That's
>difficult it being your mother. I've done it in absentia but that's easier
>than when you're facing her.
>I used to have a young neighbor who worked in a hopspital in the most
>dangerous part of the ghetto. He walked the streets feeling loving &
>fearless & nothing ever happened to him. Come to think of it Serge King too
>told us a story of a good looking young woman who walked around the ghetto
>with the same attitude. Some of her friends warned her to be careful but
>she said she was fine. So they followed her one day & sure enough the most
>raggedy ruffian smiled at her & said "hello".
>Another tactic that might be helpful is if in your thoughts you put your
>foot down & say in your thoughts "Now mother that's enough. You stop
>that right now."
>Maybe that'll stop her for a while & if she does it again "mother I told
>you to stop that." Be very firm.
>Maybe one of those will help.

I agree with you. It is one of the finest practical helpful messages I have
seen in the recent days. I hope one the above will help Ann.

Lielsel you have done a good act to open 1996!


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