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Re: By - Laws : a new perspective/approach Paradigm shifts

Jan 01, 1996 01:04 AM
by liesel

>On 01 199601 liesel f. deutsch wrote:
>> >Doss
>> I don't know any more about Sri Ram being clairvoyant only that he was. You
>> know more about him than I do. You've seen him I've only read some of his
>> writings. That he was very quiet about his extra talent figures. It seems
>> all the really proficient people don't vaunt it. It wasn't too long ago...
>> not more than 10-15 years ago ... that they had to hide it anyway because
>> it wasn't accepted. They were looked upon like freaks charlatans
>> chiselers... you name it.
> Whew! Good thing things have changed so dramatically! -:
> -JRC
>JRC Sarcasm will get you nowhere.

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