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Re: By - Laws : a new perspective/approach Paradigm shifts

Dec 31, 1995 11:30 PM
by liesel

I don't know any more about Sri Ram being clairvoyant only that he was. You
know more about him than I do. You've seen him I've only read some of his
writings. That he was very quiet about his extra talent figures. It seems
all the really proficient people don't vaunt it. It wasn't too long ago...
not more than 10-15 years ago ... that they had to hide it anyway because
it wasn't accepted. They were looked upon like freaks charlatans
chiselers... you name it. But I think their extra talent often gives them
better insight into things.
Happy new Year!

At 024500 PM 12/30/95 -0500 Liesel wrote:
>>Glad to see you also enjoy the diversity of our TS. It keeps you fresh &
>>alive & on your toes ... don't you think?
>>Re Sri Ram saying he was a "student" ... they all said that I think even
>>HPB said that... but if my memory serves me right Sri Ram was also a
>>well-trained clairvoyant. Being that somehow gives a deeper dimension. They
> I have been to several of his lectures over the years and the only
>mention of his clairvoyance was that when someone brought it up he simply
>mentioned that it is personal to him and did not make much of fuss about it.
> I have seen him go about in a most unabtrusive way that I did not
>know much about him until he was made the Vice President. Later I found
>that he was a math major in his undergraduate studies and was trained in
>journalism when Annie Besant published a paper is support of Indian
>Independence. He had an unusual command of english language and I was told
>that when very important letters are sent out by C Jinarajadasa he always
>showed the draft to Sri Ram because it was CJ's opinion that Sri Ram's
>understanding of english language and use of words were so good that CJ did
>not want any of his important letters misunderstood or did not communicate
>what he wanted to communicate.
> I have also seen some of his correspondence to some members and one
>can feel the language which oozed with frankness and friendliness that was
>very real. Radha Burnier who is her daughter also has followed his
>footsteps and her letters also have this very good characteristic.
> I have wandered to much. Just tit bits when you brought up Sri Ram's
>clairvoyance. Have you heard anything more on his clairvoyance?
>>have insight into matters which an ordinary person doesn't have. I'm not
> Yes. I did see two occasions in which Sri Ram's judgement was correct.
> ...doss
>>really against following a guru. I've done so. But as Eldon said a guru
>>needs to be chosen with great care & discrimination & testing. They've
>>gotta be very accurate ethical compassionate; they have to realize that
>>they're not god; and they have to give their pupils the wherewithall to
>>grow. It's also good if they sometimes listen to other people.
>>But to come back to the present I'd like it fine if the Adyar TS became a
>>true democracy.
>>At 055700 AM 12/30/95 -0500 Liesel wrote:
>>>>I think you've got a good point there. The Adyar TS *is* moving into being a
>>>>group of fellow seekers some wiser than others and that *is* brand new I
>>>>hadn't thought of it. That's why we're having changing over pains. But we'd
>>>>better settle it because the succession of gurus has fizzled out. It looks
>>>>like we're going to be a community of seekers from here on in. I haven't
>>> In a very interesting response that Sri Ram the then President made a
>>>statement that he is a fellow student of wisdom. So this does not seem to be
>>>a new idea.
>>>>study "Unknown phenomena..." I've read & gotten at least something out of
>>>>Kapra Prygogene Particle Physics Teilhard bio-feedback Tibetan
>>>>Buddhism Ayurevedic Medicine Shamanism Quantum Theory. & just now I'm
>>>>wading through a book from which I can but garner a few ideas but
>>>>worthwhile ones "Trialogues at The Edge of The West" Abraham McKenna &
>>>>Sheldrake. Those are the ones I remember. There must be others. I don't know
>>>>of any other belief system that leads its members into such a diversity of
>>>>knowledge. To me that's the very best Adyar has to offer.... God's infinite
>>> It is the diversity and openness that has kept my continued
>>>interest. It is freedom in one sense.

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