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Re: Hypnotism Purucker and Samadhi

Dec 31, 1995 11:05 PM
by RIhle

Master JS

Your remarks were wonderful and powerful. I for one at least agree with
your experimental attitude 100%. How else is anyone to know Anything at all?

When the subject of hypnotism first came up I tried to dig around my files
to find an old 15-20 years ago? report of some scientific research compiled
by the Transcendental Meditation people. I cannot remember the particulars
accurately at this point but the case was made that the meditative state was
a quite different condition than the "self-hypnotic"; they did this by
comparing things like brain wave activity galvanic skin response etc. I was
interested in this because I had been more or less confirming for myself that
even barely crossing the threshold of what I call "sixth-level"
Spirit-mental *Buddhi-manas* consciousness during meditative practice
unceremoniously terminated all of my ability to "suggest" my hands to clap

By this I concluded that while self-hypnosis may indeed be a powerful
lower-order "Adept tool" it was not the one I was after. The basic problem
I found unfortunately was that one was drawn back to the level of
consciousness where the "artificial" semi-Self had been created and was
afterwards holding motivating sway etc. Even one created at the fifth level
desire-free mental in the form of the now popular "affirmations" "I *am*
such and such" was not satisfactory--since if one is at the sixth *Degree*
of Self-awareness there is still the "existential"-pain-producing
"pyschogenetic disparity" set up between level and the degree-status of the
Witness. And of course the potential unpleasantness for a 6-D person
establishing something at 4-L desire-mental level in the form of "you *will
be* confident rich and energetic" is obvious.

Well . . . does all this mean that a person somewhat advanced in
Self-awareness who reads about such potential drawbacks with self-hypnosis
and other techniques should never experiment with them? No. I believe with
you that most of the "dangers" cited in the literature are primarily for 3-D
and 4-D people--i.e. those who are so lacking in ability to hold the
Once-Removed Vantage on their conditions of consciousness that they cannot
distinquish themselves from their own inner pictorial content or
desire-related ideational delusions. For all others it is the investigation
and rejection of one technique/approach which leads to the improved
psychogenetic understanding which leads to the next better
technique/approach. . . .

The Masters are united in this.

Best wishes

Richard Ihle

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