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Ken Wilber in QUEST

Nov 12, 1995 02:15 AM
by Keith Price

Ken Wilber wrote an interesting article for the current QUEST magazine Winter
1995. Neither Ken Wilber or QUEST magazine magazine seem to be mentioned much
on this newsgroup in my recollection. I wonder why?

I have always been a "fan" of Ken Wilber. His modus operandi seems to me to
reformulate many of the ideas of Blavatsky and others modernize and
psychologize the vocabulary and use a lot of helpful charts. He resystematizes
the 07 level idea and cross tabulates it to other systems from Vedanta to Freud
to . . .

I really like his approach. Many would find it perhaps dangerously close to
imitation or not-quite-plagerism but he offers a lot of original analysis and
criticism. His "Spectrum of Consciousness" has done a lot to make discussion of
theosophical ideas in philisophical and psychologica circles again worldwide
with nary a mention of Blavatsky The term "transpersonal psychology"
is used and many admirers seem to feel that these ideas sprang new blown from
his head and that he alone can clarify them I'm exagerrating to save time and

The problem is that he rarely gives public appearances or replies to letters. I
know I have written to him several times and he has never replied and doesn't
have many personal appearances to offer.

The article is an explanation that his reclusiveness has led to a lot of
projections such as arrogance from the public but that the role he chooses is
intellectual and theoretical spokesman and not a famous personality.

He brings up some interesting reflections about EXPECTATIONS OF SPIRITUAL
TEACHERS. He does not want to be the Elvis of the new age. If you remember one
of my false expectations about spiritual teachers is that they have a desire for
fame fortune and an adoring public. He had to choose between writing and
speaking. My hat is off to him!

He also clarifies the role of think and feeling. Much of what one thinks is
spiritual or of the spiritual path may be based on feeling and the desire to
bypass the intellect to instant nirvana.

Also he notes the limitations of the intellect and the trap of thinking the map
- kaballatarot astrology texts etc - is the territory or the
transformational and evolutionary upward sprititual practice.


Keith Price

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