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Re: Liberalization

Nov 11, 1995 10:04 PM
by Lewis Lucas

> Funny that in a world that has seen a massive wave of
> liberalization sweep through it ... that has seen business political
> religious and social leaders forced to acknowledge that authoritarian
> centralized top-down leadership is becoming less and less effective as
> the days pass that the TS appears to be rowing like the devil upstream.
> -JRC

Love your post and print many for my wife who keeps saying she
must write you a note of thanks for sharing with her your views.

I don't believe I have ever related the world "liberalization" or
any derivative of it with the business political religious and
social changes I have witnessed over the past several years. In fact
it seemed to me those leading this movement eschew the word "liberal"
and all its derivatives!

It has been a rise in conservatism has it not? We are constantly
buffeted from all sides with calls to return to "fundamentals" to
return to the past as if it the past were some grand elixir capable
of dispelling all our business political religious and social
ills! In the forefront of this movement have been the most narrow
minded and intolerant leaders of our time.

Government like tv has been cast as the great evil in our
lives or is it "new age" religions or maybe "magic" oh and of
course let us not forget "DRUGS"! Now that the "evil empire" has
crumbled under the weight of the arms race we must look elsewhere
for our devils. Business is hampered by lazy workers who want all
kinds of unreasonable benefits like child care and maternity leave
and equal pay for the sexes. If we could only get rid of those
"liberal" labor unions and all those "liberal" lobbyist--Senior
citizens groups et al. ...oh well enough.

So you see the events of the past few years as a
"liberalization" huh?


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