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Re: Initiate

Nov 11, 1995 10:21 PM
by Lewis Lucas

> Say has anyone read the "Initiate" trilogy _The Initiate_ The Initiate
> in the New World_ and _The Initiate in the Dark Cycle_? It was
> published anonymously but I think the author was Cyril Scott - who also
> wrote _The Greater Awareneess_.
> Comments on the books?
> -JRC

Yes I have read at least one but many years ago. I had posted a
comment sometime back about it being another view of the Krishnamurti
thing. As I recall it was his thesis that Krishnaji had returned to
the religious doctrines he had learned in a former life as a Hindu.
Something about avichi? and denial of everything leading to
recognition of the absolute. I probably have this all messed up.


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