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Re: Liberalization

Nov 12, 1995 08:38 AM
by John R Crocker

> So you see the events of the past few years as a
> "liberalization" huh?

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! In fact I believe contrary to the
overwhelming weight of current popular opinion that we are living in
rare and wonderful times ... an era in which the fifth dimension the
axis of probability as the physicists say ... but it might also be
called the axis of *possibility* is on the the verge of being
discovered - and even more important the means by which to achieve
volitional movement upon it. But I need to write a longer post to answer
yours ... and maybe a discussion about this would be a great idea. If
there is any single most important thing I've taken from Theosophy over
the years it is that a single human consciousness is capable of holding
firm to a clear vision of a healed world ... and relating to the current
world as though that vision is *already a fact* .... and that this tends
to encourage others to believe it as well; and that *groups* of such
people even very small groups can effect *large* populations if the
vision is clear held by powerful minds charged with elevated and
disciplined emotions and persevered in over time.
Yes! I am full of hope for this world ... and believe I see the
first surfacings of a sort of harmony that is difficult to see only
because so few yet believe it is even possible so unprecedented is it.
But I'm ferociously busy just now -:. I'll write soon.

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