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Re: Dribble box

Nov 12, 1995 06:56 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Lewis

You've got a point there because the way I watch TV & the way you
describe that your family watches TV it's an enrichment in our lives
rather than a detriment. Maybe it's if kids do nothing but watch TV
& stupid programs at that that it can become deleterious.
Our Head Librarian was just telling me via e-mail
that our children's libarian was on TV told a story did some
handicrafts as she does in the library recommended books & we all
agreed did a good PR job for the library.
I myself got a real boost to my somewhat crushed Jewish Ego
while I watched Rabin's funeral even though I also grieved.
Many world leaders were there to pay homage to
Rabin... Many whom my husband Fred fought against when he was in the
Jewish Underground before WWII. Hussein of Jordan gave a most moving
speech the Prime Minister of England & Elizabeth's husband were
there. Fredi would have flipped if he could have seen them smile a
friendly smile & shake hands with Leah Rabin. During his times the British
looked down their noses at the Zionists & mismanaged Palestine For
instance they restricted the flow of Jewish refugees from Nazi
Germany. The Jews tried to keep order & protect
themselves mostly against Arab terrorists but sometimes also
against some stupid things the British did They organized the
Haganah among others. Fredi became a Captain. Even Arafat came
a few days later because of security but
he came ... I think Fredi wouldn't have believed that at all .. he
was an arch enemy. And to top it all off our President wore a
Yamulka to pay his respects & ended his eulogy with the last
sentences of the Kaddish the Jewish prayer for the dead.... All that
on TV for all the world to see after having been mostly kicked
around for over 1000 years. I cried for Rabin but the scene of
everyone coming together for his funeral was very healing.

You know from all this chatting on theos-l especially what you
just wrote I've gained the good idea that TV isn't in fact all that black
& white & since I'm co-chair of our local TV-Off Days this is going to
reflect on how we conduct the event.

Thanks pal

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