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Re: Karma and Personal Responsibility

Nov 12, 1995 06:56 AM
by Richtay

Keith wrote

"But the relativistic problem of good for
you and bad for me always arises."

Well evil and good certainly seem relative for human beings and good in one
culture may be evil in another and good in one circumstance might be evil
for the exact same person in another circumstance.

But the doctrine of karma doesn't judge ACTS as much as MOTIVE. And that is
not relative for one who knows the exact motive could be seen and judged.
In any case nature doesn't need to judge because the exact quality of the
motive- or thought-energy will very naturally draw to it an equal and
opposite reaction.

We are told that in spiritual yoga no effort is wasted. Bhagavad-Gita.
Likewise physics teaches us conservation of energy.

That alone should serve to thwart anthropomorphism and self-centered ideas
that karma is about US. IT is about energy and nature and we just play our
little part and we play is badly or well according to our awareness and


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