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Re: Keith2Don

Nov 12, 1995 07:18 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

>From: Keith Price <>
>Subject: Keith2Don

Hi Don. Thanks for the e-mail on lucid dreams. You seem to emphasize like Jung
that we must be very careful about the explanations and interpretations we put
on things like lucid drams visions obe's nde's close encounters and all
things we might lump under spiritual experiences. Yes this is true but the
experience is so powerful it creates its own importance in the mind of the
person. It's very Gnostic in that there is a big difference in analyzing
Blavatsky vs. Purucker vs. Leadbetter vs Bailey etc and having the same kind of
experience they claim to have had.

You say:

. Most theosophists have no experience at all with
altered states though they act like experts know nothing whatsoever about the
experiences of brain doctors and brain scientists though like John Algeo in
his AT article they act like experts and most theosophists just sit around
and run off at the mouth with all their cute and pretty and completely
unsubstantiated little myths.

Of course this absudity makes me upset! How do you expect anyone with any
intelligence or any sensitivity at all to take theosophy seriously when it acts
so smug popmpus and uncaring?


I think we are heading toward what I want to call a neo-neo-theosophy or a
post-theosophy in that most people do not want to read what others wrote in
1888 but want to travel the spiritual path for themselves. We are moving from
a quaint romantic Victorian discussion of states of consciousness and human
evolution to practicing and taking conscious control of the process. Things
like modern brain research and genetic engineering to mention but two offer
possibilities that even Blavatsky didn't directly forsee. Thus we should not
look back but move forward with the wisdom of the past as our guide but not
our limitation.


Keith Price

Keith I like your last paragraph. Those are my sentiments exactly.
We should be building on the material written 100 years ago with the
advances in our presentday knowledge. I find continually digging in
the past & especially not applying it to what is today very unproductive.
I know that my Teacher Harry believed in living in
the "now". Serge King stated this to us in the workshop I went to very
emphatically. The past is what
you remember of it *now* the future is what you *now* think it's
going to be and the only time you can effectively work with it & do
something about it is *now*. For instance you can take a negative
memory from your past and reinterpret it now maybe adjust you
child's memory to one that gives a different interpretation from the
point of view of the adult you now are & it will then mean to
you whatever you decided to reinterpret it as.


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