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Re: Dribble box

Nov 16, 1995 11:41 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Lewis and all.

On 12 199511 Lewis Lucas wrote:

> Not watching tv to me seems ostrich like behavior. In another ts
> classic we admonished not to wipe the tear from our eye until it had
> been wiped from our brothers. Recently JRC asked we send our
> thoughts of peace to the middle east after the assasination of Rabin.
> Being aware of problems is the begining of their solution according
> to modern psychology. Informing ourselves of atrocities and
> remembering the victims as in the Holocaust is the LEAST we can do.
> Timothy Leary led millions to "tune in turn on and drop out" in
> the '60s and he wasn't talking about tv but the debate continues
> as to whether or not tv is the opiate of the masses or a grand
> leavening agent. I suggest that it is a little of both at the moment.

I'm quite against TV and Mass-Media personally. But I'm quite sure
that it is a very important and lifesaving invention at the moment. I
can quite safely warn people not to follow TV and Mass-Media since
majority of the people don't mind and continue to spend their lives on
those matters. It is ok. Since if TV Radio and Newspapers would be cut
of I predict that within two weeks there would be no governments no
electricity no water and a complete chaos would be a result. So it is
absolutely better that people's thoughts come "safely" form outside - so
they act and coherently - together similarily have similiar

I think that this is like a matter of War and Peace it has to be done
individually and freely not from outside. - As long as people want to
spend their time and energy at front of TV or some other media they are
needed and continue to exist.

I think that following mass-media and television develope/activate a
person's thinking manas. But on the other hand it keeps He/She
spritually/individually at sleep?

But this is a larger issue of education mass-media and culture. TV is
just a one part of it.

aki korhonen
Oulu. Finland

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