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Re: Dribble box vs. Cyber Dump

Nov 16, 1995 11:50 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello John and the others.

On 13 199511 John E. Mead wrote:

> I couldn't help but point out that that Internet and TV are
> very similar.
> My wife would probably argue that TV-junkies and Cyber-junkies are
> no different. However I do have problems typing letters and reading
> articles when both hands are filled with popcorn beer and a pipe/cigar;
> watching Duckman on TV avoids these difficulties. :-

Yes I think you are right. I think that Internet is worse since; when
you watch TV you sit passively and your tv-friends come to you when you
are dealing with internet you go actively to explore vast Cyber-Space and
meet actively your Cyber-Friends - like I'm doing now. So it is more
suggestive. But I'm waiting eagerly Virtual-Internet-Reality!

aki korhonen
Oulu Finland.

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