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Re: Theosophy International

Nov 16, 1995 03:38 PM
by guru

To so far Liesel Eldon & Rich:

I envisage THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL comprising those who
subscribe to the the three objects of the TS but in a
more up to date form based on suggestions by John Mead
J.Crocker and others and expressed thus:

1. To form a nucleus within the universal human family without
discrimination with regard to sex including sexual
orientation creed class or color.

2. To encourage and engage in the study of comparative religion
theosophy philosophy and the scientific method according to
individual ability and inclination.

3. To investigate unexplained laws of nature and unrealized
human potential and abilities.

[Above subject to negotiation and consensus :-]

As I think Eldon mentioned this will be along the lines of ~The
Theosophical Network~ whereby it is sufficient to declare one's
sympathy and/or allegiance to the three objects and to be
registered as having done so. No belief system to be required
*nor assumed to be held* by any member. Ideally members would
endeavour to express their ideas in gender-inclusive language
where this is possible and practical.

There will be no fees no subscriptions although voluntary
donations and/or contributions *could* be made to specific
projects or even individuals for particular and specified


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