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Re: TMR---The Discussion between Jerry HE and Paul J

Nov 16, 1995 06:41 PM

> From: IN%"" 17-NOV-1995 092300
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In his latest posting Nov. 14 1995 Paul Johnson *admits* that
when Olcott writes about the Tashi Lama's "Master of Ceremonies"
being "one of our own revered Mahatmas" and when HPB writes about
"the Chohan-Lama of Rinch-cha-tze Tibet the Chief of the
Archive-Registrars...also a member of our [Theosophical]
Society" both Founders are telling the TRUTH *i.e.* Olcott and
HPB actually knew about and are referring to a real flesh and
blood person living in Tibet at Tashi-Lhunpo.

But let us first contrast this admission of Johnson's with his
view on the following two extracts from primary sources:

HPB in a letter to Sinnett dated Oct. 09 1882: "Oh the blessed
blessed two days! It was like the old times....The same kind of
wooden hut a box divided into three compartments for rooms and
standing in a jungle on four pelican's legs....the same eternal
`gul-gul-gul' sound of my Boss's [Morya's] inextinguishable
chelum pipe; the old familiar sweet voice of your KH whose voice
is still sweeter and face still thinner and more

KH in a letter to Sinnett received by Sinnett Oct. 1882: "I
do not believe I was ever so profoundly touched by anything I
witnessed in all my life as I was with the poor old creature's
[HPB's] ecstatic rapture when meeting us recently both in our
natural [physical] bodies...Even our phlegmatic M[orya]. was
thrown off his balance by such an exhibition---of which he was
chief hero. He had to use his *power* and plunge her into a
profound sleep otherwise she would have burst some blood- her delirious attempts to flatten her nose against
his riding mantle besmeared with the Sikkim mud!...."
According to the hypotheses to be found in his 2nd book published
by SUNY Johnson would contend that HPB and "Koot Hoomi" were
LYING to Sinnett about HPB actually meeting Morya and Koot Hoomi
in Sikkim. If we are to believe Johnson's speculations and
suggestions M. and K.H. were NOT in Sikkim; HPB did NOT meet
these Masters. Call it a "blind" used by HPB to conceal the
"real Truth" but most of us would probably call it a pack of
But if the reader of Johnson's latest book is willing to accept
that HPB's Sikkim meeting with the Masters just didn't happen
why should the reader be willing to believe as Johnson is
apparently willing that HPB and Olcott are telling the truth
when they talk about "the Master of Ceremonies" and "the Chohan-
Lama of Rinch-cha-tze Tibet"? HPB's reference to the "Chohan-
Lama" appears in the Jan. 1882 issue of *The Theosophist* for
the public ie. the outside world to read. In the same article
HPB also says that she has already received from the Chohan-Lama
a promise that he will give his comments on what Arthur Lillie
and Stainton Moses has written. But why should anyone take this
"claim" by HPB at face value? If one believes what Johnson has
written in his two SUNY books about HPB and other Theosophists
putting out DISINFORMATION LIES about the real Masters and
placing the Masters in far away Tibet *why I ask why believe
HPB is telling the truth to the public in this Jan. 1882
statement*? And come on how did Olcott know that one of the
Mahatmas was the Tashi Lama's "Master of Ceremonies"? Was Olcott
himself reporting from downtown Shigatse? Probably following
Johnson's own line of reasoning as documented in his books HPB
just fed Olcott some DISINFORMATION and he swallowed it and
repeated it years later also in the pages of *The Theosophist*. =

Hopefully Dr. David Christopher Lane and Dr. Gregory Tillett if
they by chance read this won't fall for HPB's clever
DISINFORMATION about her "alleged" Tibetan connection at
Well I don't personally believe Johnson's "hodge-podge"
hypothesis about DISINFORMATION. But I am glad : : that
Johnson admits the TRUTHFULNESS of Olcott's and HPB's statements
about "the Master of Ceremonies" and "the Chohan-Lama." In 1989
I wrote an article still in rough draft which was titled "Will
The Real Koot Hoomi Please Stand Up." In this article I quoted
Olcott's reference to the Tashi Lama's "Master of Ceremonies" who
is one of the Mahatmas. I then suggested that the Master of
Ceremonies might possibly be KOOT HOOMI. And I then listed the
following extracts from various documents which lead me to this
" venerated GURU DEVA [Koot Hoomi]...holds a well-known
public office in Tibet under the TESHU LAMA." Damodar in the
Apr 1884 issue of *The Theosophist* See *Damodar* etc. p.
"According to Theosophical statements Koot Hoomi is a
Brahmin....He was...educated in Europe and attended Professor
Fechner's lectures. He became an Adept and took up his
residence in Thibet where he is relic-bearer to the Teschu-Lama
an office in Thibet resembling that---say of Cardinal Vicar in
the Roman Catholic Church...." From the Oct. 1884 unpublished
draft of the S.P.R.'s *First Report...on Phenomena in Connection
with the Theosophical Society* p. 16.
"There is beyond the Himalayas a nucleus of Adepts of various
nationalities; and the Teschu lama knows them and they act
K.H. and several others I know personally are there...." HPB in
an 1886 letter to Franz Hartmann *The Path* Mar 1896 p.
370. CAPS added.

"In about a week---new religious ceremonies new glittering
bubbles to amuse the babes with and once more I will be busy
night and day morning noon and evening...." Koot Hoomi in
Letter No. XVI 2nd ed. of *The Mahatma Letters* p. 116. This
letter was written in the latter part of Jul 1882. I have
documentation to show that a large religious festival occurred at
TashiLunpo during this same period of time. I have numerous
quotes in my article to show the close connection between the
Panchen Teschu Lama and HPB's Masters. Some examples are:
As early as 1877 HPB writes in ISIS UNVEILED: "Within the
cloister of Tashi-Lhunpo and Si-Dzang these powers inherent in
every man called out by the few are cultivated to their utmost
perfection. Who in India has not heard of the Panchen
Rimpoche the *Hutugtu* of the capital of Higher Tibet? His
brotherhood of Khe-lan was famous throughout the land; and one of
the most famous `brothers' was a *Peh-ling* an Englishman who
had arrived one day during the early part of this century from
the West...." p. 618 Volume II Boris de Zirkoff's edition.
"...the Teshu Lama at an *Avatar* of Tson-kha-
pa...*De jure* the Teshu Lama is second after the Dalai Lama; *de
facto* he is higher....While the former Dalai Lamas are
addressed as `Jewel of Majesty' the latter enjoy a far higher
title namely `Jewel of *Wisdom*' as they are high Initiates." =

HPB in *The Theosophical Glossary* p. 247.
"Save a few exceptional cases [as] in the case of the initiated
such as our Teshu-Lamas and the Boddhisatwas and a few others no
monad gets ever reincarnated before its appointed cycle." This
is from the Mahatma Letters p. 176 in the 2nd ed. It is
interesting that Koot Hoomi is making this observation in an Oct.
1882 letter to Sinnett. The Teshu-Lama had just died 05 or 06
weeks before on 193108 1882. When KH penned these lines the
discarnate Teshu-Lama was in the "bardo" and would be
reincarnated if we believe in such a process the next year
1883 as Chos-kyi Nyi-ma 1883-1937 the next Panchen Teschu
Lama who would meet Alice Cleather and Basil Crump in China in
the 1920s and who would also write a "foreword" to the new Peking
edition of THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE edited by Cleather and Crump.

I have consulted with David Reigle whom Johnson mentions in TMR
as to his opinion on whether Sengchen Tulku or his successor was
possibly Olcott's "Master of Ceremonies." From Reigle's
knowledge of Tibet he is of the opinion that the Sengchen Tulku
or his successor was NOT likely Olcott's "Master of
Ceremonies." He gave a number of reasons for this opinion.

Daniel Caldwell

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