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TV and Mass-media some effects

Nov 16, 1995 11:24 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello All.

A few nights ago there was a "Good" program at TV infact there were two
simultaniously - I had a chance to watch and I made a exception to my
habits. What happened? First those programs were not so good so
actually I wasted an hour. But what was more serious was my
mental/psychological condition after that - now some might think that I'm
paranoid or scizofrenic - My head was like buzzing and I had difficulties
to concentrate. I don't know what caused that. I suspect that it is
something simlpy mechanistic; flickering of the screen or the 15 000 hz
beeping sound every TV emit that sound when on or something like that.

What irritates me is the idea that some people assume in some
broadcasting commitee that I would be interested in some topic in some
particular moment.

There is a certain amount of capacity in our minds to process data -
larger or smaller. All non-important mechanistic data takes space time
and energy from our own Ideas and creative thinking. To build an integrate
world-view would require at least some hours per day at reflective
meditations - time for own thoughts and simply for peace. Average people
around don't seem to have or even want to have that kind of time.

Usually people say; that what they need is knowledge and information to
develope their mind intelligece and personality - that all people have
more than enough but not so many enlightened people around?

All data creates some impact in our mind and subconscious and will be a
small part of our personality and world-view. My opinion is that a Human
as such is entirely a product of external influences; culture education
parents mass-media friendsreligion. And as a result of this all
His/Hers thinking is a pre-conditioned reaction to some impulses so there
is no free thinking no creative thinking.

aki korhonen
Oulu. Finland.

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