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One Week to Go

Nov 12, 1995 08:58 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Hey gang--

This week will be the last that I respond to any questions on
the list about my Theosophical books. Some reasons:

1. I turn 42 and think a 7-multiple birthday is a
good time to declare a phase over especially since my research
got underway in earnest in 1988.

2. The 24-volume Edgar Cayce Readings Series just arrived and
I must focus all my attention on research for my next book.

3. Enough is enough as a friend recently advised.

So for the rest of this week Dan Jerry H-E anyone else ask
for all the explanations you like. Not defenses. If the
message is "I blame you for this or that shortcoming of your
book-- defend it and yourself" my response is "forget it." But
if the message is "I don't see what you meant by x or on what
basis" then an explanation will be attempted. I cannot
promise lengthy detailed responses however especially if the
demand is high.

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