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Re: Telepathy and Esoteric E-Mail

Nov 07, 1995 08:42 AM
by Jerry Schueler

< As to what was REALLY going on
<how genuine the telepathy was whether they were sending what
<she was receiving-- one has eventually to say "How the hell do
<I know?" Which I wish more Theosophists were willing to admit
<about murky issues like these.
As I have already pointed out even a high Adept/Master would
have trouble knowing for sure that every word was right. The
problem with telepathic communication is that it is not done
in words. It is done in images which the receiver must then
interpret in his/her own words. How does one know for sure that
they interpreted correctly? Only by going back to the sender
for confirmation and that is the *only* way to know for sure.
HPB admitted that she was an Initate not an Adept. But I would
think that if her Masters discovered she had gotten some teaching
entirely wrong that they would have told her this when they
eventually met. The Masters probably wouldn't quibble over the
exact wording anyway.

Jerry S.

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