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Re: Re Channelling

Nov 07, 1995 08:42 AM
by Jerry Schueler

JRC about my Enochian Monad Model:
< ... is this model more explicit in any
<one of the books you speak of? [I'm actually writing on somewhat similar
<of a concept right now .... got a book half done and you're right it
<*is* tricky to talk about - and I'm attempting to do it without using the
<vocabulary of any particular spiritual paradigm but rather attempting to
<think from the root up.

It is spelled out in Enochian Physics and summarized in my
Enochian Workbook. Basically I too avoided any particular
spiritual paradigm. My model is pretty much my own. But it
does help explain a lot of things. On page 51 I say: "It expresses
an old poetical and mystical definition of man as a circle whose
center is nowhere and whose circumference is everywhere. If
we think of the center as monadic consciousness the I and the
circumference as infinite Space the Not-I then it is obvious that
the Enochian Monad Model is but a slight enhancement of the
ancient mystical definition of man. The Enochian Monad Model
is thus a modern expression of an ancient idea." The fallout
that is so difficult for the human mind to understand is that we
take our world with us wherever we go. We are not really victims
of an external world but the inner world and outer world are
two sides of the same continuum held together by a powerful
attraction and also repulsion. I came up with this after
meditating on HPB's idea of Motion Space and Fohat
together forming the universe.

< Have you begun work on the Chaos/Magic link or still just laying
<the foundation? Maybe the list wouldn't mind seeing a rough draft of a
<chapter if you wouldn't be adverse to posting it. I personally think it
<might stimulate a wonderful discussion.

Actually I drafted a book that no one would publish. I
posted several chapters on this on theos-l a long time ago. You have
to ftp to get it.

Jerry S.

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