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Nov 07, 1995 06:24 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Re: fraud or not fraud

When I was working one of my jobs was to interview jobless people
to try to get them placed. There was often a question as to the
veracity of what they were telling me. If I had sat there & had tried
to figure out where they were lying & where they were telling the truth
I would never have gotten any other work done. I would also have
gotten myself all tied up in knots while I was trying to figure it &
wondering who was lying about what. So I decided that the best way
for me to work was to just take whatever an applicant said at face
value unless it was really a blatant lie & this gave me at least
a reasonable modus operandi. Now these people were alive
& sitting in from of me & I could watch their kinetics & etc.
HPB et al have been dead over100 years & all we have is their
writings. Who's to know? Really know? Shall we send someone
to Devachan to interview HPB? Maybe some impostors have tried that too
along with maybe 01 or 02 who've really done it. How are we going to sort
all that out? You tell me!


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