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critiquing GRS Mead's "Concerning HPB"

Nov 07, 1995 05:43 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Alan dear anybody who's interested in this critique

Well Alan I got around to reading the pamphlet you sent me this AM & most of
what it contains was rather unexpected.

I found it rather incongruous that a pamphlet most of whose contents
deal with defending HPB against being maligned should begin with a
foreword maligning CWL. Why is it wrong to malign one person & but
not equally wrong to malign another? Maligning is insidious whenever it's
being done. It injures the person it's done to
the person who's doing it & the person who reads or hears about it.
It succeeded in turning me off right away

Moreover I find all this defending people who matter against people
who don't matter in the least rather useless & of little interest. I myself
don't need to be convinced of HPB's genuineness & I think most
present-day Theosophists don't either So why drag up all this junk?

I would have preferred to have read some more of Mr. Mead's
description of what HPB was like as a person which he finally got
around to in the last few pages. Those lines are precious.

Re: Footnote 02 on p.23.
Whoever wrote this presumably Mr. Mead was not very well informed. I
happen to know that in Germany & in France where I've gone to
school they use a decimal comma instead of a decimal point...
possibly in Russia they do too. At any rate judging from the
anecdote HPB learned about a decimal comma rather than a decimal
point & wasn't familiar with its English translation


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