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Re: critiquing GRS Mead's "Concerning HPB"

Nov 07, 1995 05:52 PM
by guru

> Dear Alan dear anybody who's interested in this critique
> Well Alan I got around to reading the pamphlet you sent me this AM
> & most of what it contains was rather unexpected.
> I found it rather incongruous that a pamphlet most of whose contents
> deal with defending HPB against being maligned should begin with a
> foreword maligning CWL. Why is it wrong to malign one person & but
> not equally wrong to malign another? Maligning is insidious whenever it's
> being done. It injures the person it's done to
> the person who's doing it & the person who reads or hears about it.
> It succeeded in turning me off right away

I understand this and advised against another adverse comment
re CWL which was not included in R.A.Gilbert's Preface for
exactly the reasons you state. However RG is the prime mover
behind the project and supplies the material. I just do the
other part - scanning printing etc. Personally I liked Mead's
account of his working with HPB and thought you would as you
clearly do. When I first mentioned it to you the preface had
not been written sigh.


> I would have preferred to have read some more of Mr. Mead's
> description of what HPB was like as a person which he finally got
> around to in the last few pages. Those lines are precious.

Indeed they are! Would that he had written more about her.

> Re: Footnote 02 on p.23.
> Whoever wrote this presumably Mr. Mead was not very well informed. I
> happen to know that in Germany & in France where I've gone to
> school they use a decimal comma instead of a decimal point...
> possibly in Russia they do too. At any rate judging from the
> anecdote HPB learned about a decimal comma rather than a decimal
> point & wasn't familiar with its English translation
> Liesel

I shall pass this on to anyone who should know - it's a very
good point!

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