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Re: "I acted on God's orders"

Nov 07, 1995 03:28 PM
by eldon


>THe man who killed Rabin heard the voice of what he called "God". How much
>has been justified this way?

The same is true with 'holy' wars in the name of various major religions.
I think the problem is due to a form of confusion on the part of the
would-be killers.

It is a spiritual practice to give expression to higher powers to things
that are bigger than ourselves. The sense of self-sacrifice is most-readily
experienced in a situation where one is expected to die for a cause. I
think that this feeling of wanting to give oneself to a higher cause is
*used* by various movements. A suicide bomber in Palestine may have the
highest intentions but be deluded and mislead in what he thinks. And this
is where the problem can be found.

If we don't keep our bearings and maintain a proper sense of alertness
in life we can be mislead by others manipulated by our own good
intentions and led to do wrong. It's not that someone might do what
he knows to be wrong and later uses some lofty explanation to justify
later. I'd expect that more often that person is inwardly misled.

>I have thought that the Brothers of the Shadow are not very esoteric
>hidden or occult. They seem to be very obvious in their movements.
>I am thinking of drug cartels gangs bombers hate groups etc.

There are obviously bad activities in the world. And obviously good ones.
Who's to say there aren't hidden groups for both good and bad in the
world as well?

>The Rabin assasination brings up again the religious underpinnings of
>world events in a "dark" sense.

This was mostly a symbolic event. A hero figure was targeted. He was
a fine man and an asset to the peace movement. But for every public
figure that falls countless noble men and women behind the scenes
suffer injustice daily. Do we care as much for the common person as
the world figure?

>Timothy McVey also had documents of a philisophical nature from John Locke
>saying tha killing an oppressor is justified.

And Hitler used occultism and astrology in his dark work. The
"bad guys" use whatever means are at their disposal with no
ethics to guide their actions. Their leaders possibly know what
they are really doing; the followers may be mislead sometimes
sincere people.

In nazi Germany books were burned and children were trained to
turn in their parents for politically impure views. A few centuries
back people were burned as witches and one could be subject to
torture and death by the inquisition.

When is violence allowable in politics? I'm inclined to say
never except in self-defense like when a nation is under attack.
But situations are not always clean-cut. The IRA or the PLO may
feel they are at war with an oppressive status quo. Perhaps their
violence leads to some political clout. Is this good? On the
other hand the United States was founded using guerilla warfare
and was probably seen as dirty fighting by the ruling British

>One can see the hand and powers of the dark forces everywhere.

And the hands and powers of the forces for light. Which do we
look at and work for? We can align ourselves with the forces for
good and seek to better the world or do battle with the bad.
What we do with our lives is an individual thing.

>Still one hope that peace will be speeded by this event and that Karma will
>adjust the scales. Yes one hopes. Many are now putting out positive
>thought-forms or prayers. I hope they work!

Sometimes it takes a minor shock to rekindle our enthusiasm
for working for the good. We really can't depend upon world
leaders to do things for us; we need to take the initiative
in our own lives to brighten the world.

-- Eldon

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