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Re: Animal Monad revisited.

Nov 04, 1995 11:33 AM
by Jerry Schueler

<That is not actually what he was saying as I am trying to understand. He
<said that there is also an animal monad in us along with the rest of the
<monads. We are composite beings and the animal monad in us now becomes a
<human monad in the next round or something like that. Our present human
<monad is headed for Dhyan- Chohans at that time. He is at pains to point out
<he is not talking about our rupas bodies.

Yes it does get confusing. I am not sure that I understand it all
either or even want to for that matter.
I will try to present this as best I can coming at it with my own
words and from my own understanding. I had hoped that Eldon would have
jumped in here to spare me this. He will doubtless take gas and correct me
later for my misconceptions but I will give it a go anyway.
G de P carefully differentiates between two poles: the
subjective and the objective. Bodies or vehicles or rupas which is Sanskrit
for "forms" are objective while monads are subjective. Every atom in our
physical body is the body or rupa of a monad. Every atom cell and organ is
conscious and alive. Our physical body itself can be considered as being
the body of our physical monad the collective consciousness of all of its
cells and organs. Our etheric body can be considered to be the body of our
vegetable monad. Our desires and emotions or astral body can be
considered to house our animal monad. Our thoughts and memories or
human ego or mental body can be considered to house our human monad.
Our intuition and higher aspirations or causal body can be considered to
house our dhyani-chohanic monad and so on. OK then so who are we
in all of this? We are pure consciousness in our essence but we take on
a sense of identity with these monads as we relate to them in life. We
say "I am hungry" when we identify with our physical monad. We say "I
just had a thought" when we identify with our human monad and so on.
However we are really none of them being in essence a Divine Monad
or pure consciousness.
G de P's view of monads is rather staggering. He says that
every geometric point in space and there are bizzillions of points in a cubic
inch is a monad or monadic center of consciousness. Matter itself then
is an aggragate of bodies for which each and every atom has its own
monad. In other words every geometric point in every material object
from an atom to a galaxy is an embodied monad while every point in space
is a disembodied monad. It really staggers the mind to try and picture

Jerry S.

BTW I believe that our animal monad can move up to a human monad
only in the next manvantara not in the next Round of this one. Same
with all of the monads in our constitution. Fifth-Rounders for example
are still human.

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