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Re: Animal Monad revisited.

Nov 04, 1995 10:48 AM
by bbrown

>Bee:<So the monad is not the same as the kingdom it is inhabiting. I can't
><actually explain what I understand about where the animal monad fits in.
><Help somebody
> Think of it this way: There is one Divine Monad which is
>a spark from the flame of divinity. Every single geometrical point
>in space-time is one of these Monads yes there are a heck of a lot
>of them. Now these send "rays" or self-expressions down into the
>cosmic planes of manifestation. When such a Divine Monad is
>expressing itself as an animal in the animal kingdon it is called for
>convenience only an animal monad. When expressing itself as a
>human in the human kingdom it is called a human monad and so on.
>This is pretty much the way that I see it. Does this help? If so then
>you will be ready for more advanced stuff because G de P then starts
>getting into some complicated technical issues. Eldon can help
>out there.
> Jerry S.
Hi Jerry
That is not actually what he was saying as I am trying to understand. He
said that there is also an animal monad in us along with the rest of the
monads. We are composite beings and the animal monad in us now becomes a
human monad in the next round or something like that. Our present human
monad is headed for Dhyan- Chohans at that time. He is at pains to point out
he is not talking about our rupas bodies. Maybe it is the human-animal
monad as distinct from the animal-animal monad that sort of oversees the
body and the elemental essences that make it up.
The animal-animal monad needs a spell as human-animal monad so to evolve to
human-human monad state then to human-dhyan-chohan stage and onwards and
onwards. It is a long process like billions of years from animal-animal
monad to human-human monad.
To understand something properly I need to convert it into simpler terms and
that ain't so easy with all this stuff. It is like I paint myself a mental
picture of what I am trying to understand and once it starts to look like a
painting then I begin to understand.
Many thanks Bee

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