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In the Name of Peace

Nov 04, 1995 07:44 AM
by John R Crocker

Greetings -
I've just heard the terribly sad news of the assasination of Y.
Rabin the Prime minister of Israel and a man who spent the last few
years withstanding the tremendous emotional vortices swirling around the
middle-east in the difficult attempt to bring peace to a region that has
not known it for a very long time.
That he could make the long inner personal journey necessary to
explore this road as leader - to be able to forgive on the scale he had
to forgive to reach the point of understanding the pain of his enemies
as being identical to the pain within himself and in the face of
terrible violence and powerful opposition even from his own people to
seek peace to seek the buried and unmapped road along which the Israeli
and Palestinian people might travel - what a testament to how magnificent
humans can be when the force of their character places them in leadership
positions and then goes a step further and proves equal to the task.
It kind of overwhelms me makes me want to honor him in some
small way and upon thinking about this I'd like to invite any on the
list to join me in using the principles of thought outlined in Theosophy
and spend some energy for the next few days in the formation of sharp
crystal clear images of the accomplisment of peace in the middle-east
charging and animating those images with the highest and finest vibration
of pure compassion and delibrately directing those energy-bundles
towards the middle-east ... with the intention that they be used to
support all those who will try in the abscence of that beautiful crusty
old leader to carry his work to completion - as the best way to honor a
leader is to further the intentions dearest to his heart.
With love and some sadness -JRC

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