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Nov 04, 1995 02:30 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


de Purucker made a remark that I am trying to unravel as he would
not elaborate. He was talking about how life-atoms float around
in and around us and our bodies and that we are changing and
exchanging life-atoms and comments on how a husband and wife who
live closely together can come to look like each other. He then
likens this to pets too how a pet and its owner can resemble
each other. And he says"It is the change of life-atoms and it is
not always good either. It is not good for the pet and it is not
good for the human being." He says there are other seasons too
but doesn't say so in case he upsets pet owners. That sort of led
to the monad thing too. Still none the wiser on that last score.
Having a cat for 10 years that thinks it owns me and would live
on my lap permanently and has slept next to me untill recently I
have a vague idea what it might be but it needs a lot of thinking

Yes GdeP was quite outspoken about having pets. I find it
curious because Katherine Tingley the Leader of the Point Loma
TS before Purucker had a dog. I think one of GdeP's big points
here and as I understand from GdeP's personal students is that
the animal kingdom needs to go through its own experience in the
wild of finding food to avoid being eaten in turn and of living
in the social system of its own kind. When dogs and even cats
become family pets they become humanized. This is especially
noticeable in dogs. A biology professor once described to me the
behavior of a pet dog as opposed to a wild one as being
"bizarre." Cats are also through human care and breeding
becoming more and more domestic. Recently I heard about a new
breed called a "rag doll cat." It is so non aggressive and
friendly to humans that the breeders warn that it could not
survive in the wild.

Jerry HE

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