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Animal Monad revisited.

Nov 03, 1995 10:56 PM
by bbrown

Eureka I found it.
I have just got to the bit in de Purucker's book on monads and I will bore
you with the quote from it. first he talks of the 10 kingdoms e.g elemental
mineral vege etc.
"Not one of these kingdoms ever passes through evolution or development or
unfolding into the next higher kingdom never because these kingdoms refer
to the rupas which shelter the monads. For instance the animal kingdom
never becomes a human kingdom. the mineral never the plant and so on.
What happens? It is the monads as individuals which evolve each one in its
own kingdom until it learns all that kingdom can teach it. when as an
individual monad it has become animalized or humanized or dhyan-chohanized
to the next higher then at its next incarnation or imbodiment it enters
into the very lowest realm of the next higher kingdom as an individual
monad. But the kingdoms never as kingdoms become higher kingdoms.
Every kingdom below the human is striving to become - no pardon me every
monad in every kingdom below the human kingdom is striving upwards towards
the human kingdom. The human kingdom is its objective or goal their
objective their goal; just as our goal as humans is to strive to become a
member of the lowest of the three dhyan-chohanic kingdoms just above the
human. But the human kingdom as such never BECOMES that lowest
dhyan-chohanic kingdom. Why? Because Nature needs these kingdoms where she
has them. They are as it were houses of life for the peregrinating evolving
monads to live in to pass through to graduate from and enter the next
house of life or kingdom. Is that clear enough? Nature needs these through
eternity. That is why long after we human monads shall have left the human
kingdom and evolved up to become Dhyan-Chohans of the lowest dhyan-chohanic
kingdom the human kingdom will still remain containing monads or
individuals then using the bodies kept alive by those new incoming
individuals from what is now the animal kingdom. If the human kingdom all
evolved to become Dhyan-Chohans there would be a gap between them and the
beast. the monads go up step by step kingdom after kingdom."
So the monad is not the same as the kingdom it is inhabiting. I can't
actually explain what I understand about where the animal monad fits in.

Help somebody. Sorry if I called you an elephant but I need some help.

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