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Animal Monad revisited.

Nov 03, 1995 10:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Bee:<So the monad is not the same as the kingdom it is inhabiting. I can't
<actually explain what I understand about where the animal monad fits in.
<Help somebody

Think of it this way: There is one Divine Monad which is
a spark from the flame of divinity. Every single geometrical point
in space-time is one of these Monads yes there are a heck of a lot
of them. Now these send "rays" or self-expressions down into the
cosmic planes of manifestation. When such a Divine Monad is
expressing itself as an animal in the animal kingdon it is called for
convenience only an animal monad. When expressing itself as a
human in the human kingdom it is called a human monad and so on.
This is pretty much the way that I see it. Does this help? If so then
you will be ready for more advanced stuff because G de P then starts
getting into some complicated technical issues. Eldon can help
out there.

Jerry S.

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