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To be a Theosophist and know a Master when ya see one

Nov 03, 1995 10:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Keith:<Possible False Expectations of Masters>
Ann:<Sounds just like Elvis as he pontificated from Memphis and the grand
stages of
Las Vegas from which he smiled on his followers like a stupid baby as they
smiled back. His robes were truly regal and he owned a lot of expensive cars.
As for magic tricks what could be more magical than making dumb movies and
getting everyone to pay to see them? His tones were certainly otherworldy
especially since he was probably flying on drugs a lot. Not just a pop icon
but a false Master to boot!>

This demonstrates that you don't have to be an occultist to
practice magic. What is charisma if not the magical power of enchantment?

Jerry S.

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