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Re: Vajrayana Practice & Theosophy

Nov 03, 1995 10:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

<4. I've never made a Bodhisattva or any othe vow. I do like the
<Bodhisattva ideal. I have certain inclinations which developed
<further through reading living etc.
<I feel that if I'm true to myself I don't need any vows.

There is nothing mysterious or dangerous in taking a vow.
If not sincere then a vow is only words. If it is sincere
then you have already taken it within your heart before
saying the words aloud. Tibetan Yoga teaches the
importance of having resolve. In order to recall our dreams
in the morning we usually must resolve to do so at night
before going to bed. Taking the Bodhisattva vow is simply
a conscious attempt to TRY to be compassionate toward
others. This is a necessary step on the Path but doesn't
have to be a formal thing. If you are already trying to be
more compassionate then you have probably already
taken the vow in your heart if not in your mind. There
are other vows too that we must take formally or informally
as we progress.

<5. I'm not going to talk for or against sexual activity except to
<say that I don't believe in forced abstinence.

Some schools suggest abstinence while others
suggest that sexual activity is a Path itself. Perhaps the truth
lies somewhere between these two extremes?

Jerry S.

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