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Re: to be a theosophist

Nov 03, 1995 10:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Jerry HE to Paul:<JHE
< You lost me here. Part of your premise As I read it--and
<as everyone else I know who has read the book reads it is that
<HPB created an elaborate fraud concerning the existence of the
<Masters in order to cover the identity of some politically active

I must be an aberration because I didn't read it
that way at all. I thought that those "politically active people"
WERE the Adepts when they raised their consciousness to higher
planes which is what they say in the MLs. In other words I saw
Paul's premise as being that the Adepts were real living people
who in addition to occultism were also interested in politics
especially freedom for their homeland. Did I miss something?

Jerry S.

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