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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 03, 1995 09:00 PM
by bbrown

>Dear Bee
>Agreed that we all have our own ways & opinions our own Paths. That's as
it should
>be. But you indicate that you're a member of a group. You mention that some
>of your group isn't in agreement with you channeling. From that
>statement one gathers that you've been able to talk to them about it.
> I didn't even have anyone to bounce my ideas off of to tell what I
>was just then studying my newest esoteric discoveries.
> Most people around me aren't esoterically minded ... aren't interested in
>Theosophcical ideas. So I felt completely isolated. I felt like an
>outcast. That kind of a cold shoulder from the organization
>which is nearest & dearest to you is pretty hard to take especially
>if you just happen to be as I was then at a particularly difficult
>period in your life.
I quite understand and I have been involved in the Wanganui Lodge for 05
years only. I find that I have a group of friends outside of Theo to whom I
can turn for support who are not interested in theo but respect my
involvement. I do not share my channelling with my lodge as I know how they
feel so I have other groups who do that sort of thing. I look to theo for
the knowledge that I can gain and enjoy the friendship of like minded people
in that particular area. I guess I spread myself around a bit when viewed in
that light. There does come a time when it is possible to feel esoterically
isolated but I wonder if that is not a feature of the esoteric learning
which becomes hard to share with any one once a certain level has been
reached. My recent interest in elemental essence would be boring to others
in the Lodge who knew nothing about it nor were particularly interested in
it. So silly me will run a workshop or something similar and see if I can
find any takers with whom I might share what I have found. If not it will
be another personal interest along with the others I have. I learned the
hard way a few years ago not to bore people to death with ideas that I
found too fascinating for words. I failed to see why others were not equally
fascinated. I still have to monitor myself as I get quite excited by new
discoveries e.g. de Purucker. Ain't life fun. 8-
Grannies Unite.
Love and light Bee >

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