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Re to be a theosophist

Nov 03, 1995 10:16 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Jerry HE to Paul:<JHE
>< You lost me here. Part of your premise As I read it--and
><as everyone else I know who has read the book reads it is that
><HPB created an elaborate fraud concerning the existence of the
><Masters in order to cover the identity of some politically

I must be an aberration because I didn't read it
that way at all. I thought that those "politically active
people" WERE the Adepts when they raised their consciousness to
higher planes which is what they say in the MLs. In other
words I saw Paul's premise as being that the Adepts were real
living people who in addition to occultism were also interested
in politics especially freedom for their homeland. Did I miss

No you are pretty close to what I was trying to say but
with one difference which I will explain below. Yes I also
read it that those political active people were HPB's Masters
according to Paul's premise. The elaborate fraud concerned the
creation of M KH DK etc. and a mythology about them to cover
the identity of the real political figures. What actual occult
powers or spiritual consciousness that Paul's "Masters" were
capable of is something that I don't think he went into at all.
As he explained many times on theos-l he intentionally did not
go into that kind of thing. My reading of TMR was that these
people were HPB's "teachers" but to what extent and in what way
was not explored in any specifics. The difference in our
readings is that I don't recall anywhere in TMR where Paul wrote
that these historical people "WERE the Adepts when they raised
their consciousness to higher planes." Would you kindly point
this out for me? Also are you using the word "Adept" as
synonymous to "Master?"

Jerry HE

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