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To be a Theosophist

Nov 03, 1995 12:24 PM
by bbrown

I have been reading the post on this subject and see that it is not so
simple to be a Theosophist.
I travelled a path many years before joining Theosophy and found the
framework I needed to make sense of the multitude of different books and
ideas I had encountered over the years. I don't expect the members of
Theosophy to be my emotional support system because there are so many
divergent ideas that disagreements are bound to arise and so I could get too
personally involved in what is after all the maya of words. I value my
theosophical friends for their independant views and their willingness to
share them even if it causes an animated discussion. We are still emotional
egos learning to be eventual masters so naturally we can get upset but IMO
this serves to remind me that others have different interpretations of the
teachings than mine and they are just as valid if that is where they are
coming from at the moment. We have a very dedicated member who tried hard to
understand SD in our study group but became quite upset that she could not
come to grips with it. She left the group and nearly left the Lodge as well.
She is now vice-president but still has no grip on SD and feels a bit
lacking because of this. She is as much a theosophist as the ones in the
study group and hopefully she will come to realise this. She reads the
easier theosophical books and gets much out of them. It saddens me that she
has come to such a conclusion and I hope it doesn't continue to be felt in
that way. I realise that the more SD one absorbs the harder it becomes to
talk about theosophy to members who have not the same interest or perhaps
intellectual capacity for it. As Liesel has said who cares about rounds and
things yet some do and find it interesting . Theosophy becomes a personal
way of relating to life and when our personal interests are questioned it
can be seen as an inference of our very life maybe. I have learned to live
and let live in my dealings with theosophy and respect my friend's
differences even if perhaps I do not agree with them. I know they don't
agree with some of by viewschanneling? I do not feel the need to argue
about my right to my views I just have them and carry on with my duties as
a member of Theosophy.
In the end each person will spiritualise themselves in the best way for
them be it via formal Theosophy Buddhism New Age or any of the many ways
around. I understand that this 5th root-race is to develop mind and that the
previous one was emotional so I guess mind is in various stages of
usefulness. Some are here to lead the way while others have a struggle to
control emotional issues so it strikes me that misunderstandings are a par
for the course. It is with someone on the same mental plane that discussion
and complete understanding may be possible. I am sure Theosophy has its
diversity of people on various rungs towards mind and so misunderstandings
are bound to happen. Maybe I too will move to another doctrinal system one
day who knows what the future holds. My mind may fasten on to something
else it needs for it's expansion.
That is about it from me not very theosophically explained but I am sure
you all know what I mean in your own way.
Regards Bee

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